Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Introducing the wonderfull, fantastic, Mizz Lee

This will be my therapy. A way to become a calmer person. You see I'm a South African and as a South African I face many little "landmines" everyday. . . .Taxi's, The Ekhuruleni Town Council, Potholes and power failures. As a way to passively get rid of all my frustration and perhaps get some insight I have decided to start blogging. Not only for my own sanity, but also to show the world how truly wonderful South Africa is, how far we've come since apartheid, how rich we are with culture and diversity and last but not least how South Africa truly is the best place on earth ("landmines and all").
Welcome to a world filled with chaos, toi-toi's, boerewors and pap, wildlife, black, white, love, hate, unity, good wine, vast landscapes and brotherhood.
My blog will be negative and positive. I will explore my feelings and try to explore the feelings of others. I will be opinionated, honest and open. This blog will be self serving, but with that said I hope that whoever reads it will either learn something new, laugh because they can relate or find compassion for another. This is my mission....too not only blow off some steam but to place myself in an others position. To perhaps see things from the taxi drivers perspective and to have the outcome of this experiment be a little more patience and understanding towards other fellow South African. I love my country and for the most part I love the people who share this country with me. I f there is one thing I know, it's that I'm truly blessed to be here and that a little positivity goes a long way in this Country.

Welcome to Fear, Loathing, Love and Laughter in South Africa.

Mizz Lee signing off........

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